House of Azimuth

                                                           The Shadow over innsmouth

Argentium Silver, 18k Gold, Diamond Rings

Living in a time where it is difficult to resist conspiracy theories over intelligent skepticism, it is important that we don’t remain naïve, but also don’t let what we wish to be true get in the way of the claims of reality.  It is security in the fluid self that frees us to change our views rather than let our emotional wounds blind us.

This collection is named after the horror story “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” by H.P. Lovecraft, which draws dark conclusions around an inherited propensity towards physical and mental degeneration. 

The Argentium Silver pieces make strange and illogical connections and also the power of objects to hold the stories we push on them, as a direct representation of the strange family heirlooms described in Lovecraft’s novella. It is a metal that creates stronger bonds and less tarnish than traditional soldering allows. However, the metal has an inherent flaw, the tendency to break under high temperatures. It isn't the heat (the context of the situation) itself that causes the fracturing, but the added tension during that state (events in context). These pieces were made by constructing elaborate structures (foundational experiences that create the self), then applying just the right pressure in their weakened state (an event that manipulates the integrity of that self), and finally picking up the pieces, and then fusing them back together into a new story (creating the narrative of the self in the event).

In truth, we are always in control of the reconstruction of that self. However, it is our choice whether to be an active or passive architect. We may be passive and insecure, searching for freedom, but not understanding the difference between being free and being unfettered and we can loose control of our story. We may be active and insecure, which leads to conspiracy, defiance of evidence, narcissism, and feelings of powerlessness.  It is only by being both secure and active that we may separate ourselves from the events and form a more unbiased opinion from which we can build a foundation from, allowing ourselves to hold compassion instead of resentment of damage we may have been subject to.  It is only in this way that we are truly in control of our narrative and see the beauty of resilience and growth.


Argentium Silver, 18k Gold, Diamond

Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Pendant

Argentium Silver Spinning Ring (View One)

Argentium Silver Spinning Ring (View Two)

Argentium Silver and 14k Gold Earrings

Fine Silver, Garnet Bangle

Argentium Silver, 14k Gold Pendant

Argentium Silver, 18k Gold Earrings

Sterling Silver, Mystic Topaz, Gold Plated Hollow Ring

Argentium Silver Cocktail Ring

Argentium Silver Arm Bands

Argentium Silver Rings

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Argentium Silver Earrings